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Top 7 Best Motorbike Batteries Reviews in 2022

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    Recently, motorbikes have become the most preferred means of transport. They are best for both short and long distance traveling. Everyone who has ever used motorcycle can attest that they offer a clear view of the surrounding. However, one can only enjoy the journey if their bike is in a good condition. Can you imagine your battery suddenly failing? You go ahead to charge it, only to realize it is all dead? We understand how hectic it is to find the best battery from a flooded battery market.  Go through the list below and save your time and disappointments of buying an unsuitable battery. Get one that is compatible with your bike and enjoy the ride!

    Top 7 Best Motorbike Batteries in 2022

    #7 YTX14-BS High Performances – Maintenance Free – Sealed AGM Motorcycle Battery

    YTX14-BS High Performances - Maintenance Free - Sealed AGM Motorcycle Battery

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    By: Chrome Battery

    Do your motorbike a favor by getting it a super quality YTX14- BS battery. It is a high performing battery. You can run your bike for long hours without battery failure. More fascinating is that the battery is maintenance free. Purchasing it guarantees you durability. No more expenses and inconveniences. It will serve your motorbike year in year out. The sturdy construction material keeps your battery intact. This battery has a sealed AGM and leads acid design.

    Therefore, it prevents leakages and corrosion. The battery has its negative polar on the right and the positive on the left. It terminals support heavy-duty hence improves the battery’s life cycle performance. The battery can suppress the effect of extreme vibrations. With its led digital screen, you can tell your battery life.

    #6 WPS Featherweight Lithium Battery HJTZ5S-FP-IL

    WPS Featherweight Lithium Battery HJTZ5S-FP-IL

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    By: WPS Western Power Sports

    Portability is what WPS motorbike battery features as a priority. It has ultra-lightweight. Transporting it is like holding a single feather. Its quality and consistency high performance outstand other standard batteries. The battery has a built-in super LED testing gauge. The battery incorporates lithium Ion Polymer technology. Thus, it has high energy density with the ability self-discharge. WPS bike battery has high cranking amps than lead-acid motorbike batteries.

    #5 ACDelco ATX14BS Specialty AGM Powersports JIS 14-BS Battery

    ACDelco ATX14BS Specialty AGM Powersports JIS 14-BS Battery

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    By: ACDelco

    ACDelco brings you another super free maintenance motorbike battery. Its package includes a sizeable acid bottle. You only have to fill the battery with the whole amount of the acid. After that, you install the vent caps. The vent caps completely seal your battery. No need for extra liquid once the caps are sealed. The unique design of the glass mat eliminates water loss and prevents spill off. The battery stands out for its longevity. Just imagine, once you buy this battery, you will never need to incur replacement expenses.

    #4 Yuasa YUAM6RH4H YTX14H-BS Battery

    Yuasa YUAM6RH4H YTX14H-BS Battery

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    By: Yuasa

    Yuasa YUAM6RH4HTYX14H motorbike battery is sealed and spill-proof. All the acid is wholly absorbed individual plates and separate glass mat. The battery has 12V and 12 amp-hours. Its 240 cold cranking amps are higher than other bike batteries. The battery guarantees you excellent performance. You will never need to add water. Like any other Yuasa accessories, it motorbike battery is maintenance free. Yuasa uses advanced lead-calcium technology in the construction of its motorcycle batteries. It is capable of supporting its specific gravity for longer than any other battery. The battery comes dry but with an acid bottle in the package.

    #3 ExpertPower 12V 7 Amp EXP1270 Rechargeable Lead Acid Battery

    ExpertPower 12V 7 Amp EXP1270 Rechargeable Lead Acid Battery

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    By: ExpertPower

    ExpertPower is one of the top market-leader in delivering best motorbike batteries. ExpertPower battery offers you safe and trouble-free operation. You only have to install once and for all. It has exceptional durability. The rugged construction case withstands all the physical impacts. The material is resistant to chemicals, vibrations, heat, and shock. It has a valve regulation. The valve ensures that your battery is ready to run immediately after installation. The plates absorb the acid in the battery. That is not all; the beautiful fiberglass mat immobilizes the acid. It is a 12v 7 Amp battery.

    #2 YTX14-BS High Performance – Rechargeable – Maintenance Free – Sealed AGM Motorcycle Battery


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    By: Yuasa

    Yuasa is a brand to trust. It produces maintenance free motorbike batteries. You can have your bike work as long as you wish and it will still give super rides. It is quite expensive to maintain motorcycle batteries. You can now save that extra cash for your other needs. No additional expense that you will incur in the battery maintenance. The battery is completely sealed. The acid inside the cell is entirely absorbed in glass mat separators and plates. There will never be any spill off. Yuasa bike battery has 12 Volt, 12 amp-hour, and 200 cold cranking amps.

    It incorporates lead-acid technology. Thus, it holds its gravity up to three times more than conventional batteries. You do not have to add water. Instead, you can replace the space with YB16CL-B. The cell has top and front terminals mount. It also includes a bottle of acid. Yuasa YTX14-BS is a battery for your motorbike.

    #1 HDX30L – MADE IN AMERICA – Harley Davidson Replacement Motorcycle Battery

    HDX30L - MADE IN AMERICA - Harley Davidson Replacement Motorcycle Battery

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    By: ThrottleX Batteries

    The HDX30L battery is what your Harley motorbike needs today. Trust me! You will have over thousand miles of riding. This battery is specifically and best for all Harley motorbike. The fully charged battery only requires installation, it is maintenance free. You will spend zero expense when it comes to maintaining the battery. Its robust design enables it last longer. The battery will allow your bike to run even on rough road trips.

    The absorbed glass mat of the battery is non-spill. The cover case of the battery protects it from heat, shock, and extreme vibrations. The sturdy lead terminals assure a long-term service. The battery pack comes along with a stainless steel bolt. You are guaranteed 30-day money back warranty. Besides, the battery includes an 18-month warranty.

    Why You Need A Motorbike Battery

    • For energy supply: Just like your body needs the heart to survive, so does a bike need a battery. The battery supplies energy to the engine. Without it, your motorbike will not function. Therefore, it is one thing you need to run your bike.
    • Convenience: The best battery makes your motorbike very convenient and reliable. You will be able to ride to even adverse rough roads and environment. The battery will still supply all the energy it requires.

    Factors To Consider Before Buying A Motorbike Battery

    Best motorbike batteries are available in the market. Unfortunately, finding the best is quite a hiccup. It is even worse if you have no idea of the kind of battery your bike needs. In such a case, you will end up buying a fake battery. The following factors will help you get the right battery for you motorbike;

    • Size: Battery size is an essential factor to consider before purchasing. Different battery sizes fit a specific type of motorcycle. You need to have in mind the bracket size of your bike. The battery should ideally match the bracket correctly.
    • Durability: Durability is one key thing to consider. No one would wish to keep going back to the market only to buy the same product. Check how sturdy is the construction materials. Features such as the ability to resist corrosion and abrasions assure you its longevity. Therefore, you should get a battery that will serve you as long as your bike needs it.
    • Maintenance: Maintenance free battery is worth purchasing. With such a battery you will forget about spending extra expense in the long run.
    • Warranty: Best motorbike battery should meet all the safety requirements. Long warrants mean longer the lifespan. Go for motorbike batteries with extended guarantees. You can be sure of it energizing your bike every time it runs.
    • Other: Another thing to consider is whether the battery is rechargeable or replaceable. Either choice may be suitable for different people. Buy the one that will work best for you.

    Bottom Line!

    Above are the Top 8 Best Motorbike Batteries available on the market. Choose any but ensure it will fit your motorbike correctly. Most important are the factors you need to consider before buying. With the tips in mind, you can quickly get yourself the best battery suitable for your bike. Take more time to go through the outlined factors and the top best batteries listed above. You will surely take less time to find the best battery out of the many varieties.

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