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Top 10 Best Flexible Tripods in 2022 Review

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    Planning for a solo trip? Or need to click professional like photos while on a vacation? Then the flexible tripods are an intelligent option to choose. It has the flexibility to be set on any surface and will help to attain stability irrespective of the surface. Also, the compact size makes it ideal for carrying during travel. It won’t take up much space and will accompany you everywhere.

    In the list below, we have presented the top flexible tripod brands that deserve all the recognition. Read the points and settle for the best.

    List of Best Flexible Tripods Review

    10. Xenvo SquidGrip Flexible Tripod

    Xenvo Flexible Tripods

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    Xenvo has made their tripod to give you maximum versatility while shooting videos or taking pictures. The legs are indeed made from high-quality neo rubber. These are highly flexible, yet can retain their shape in any position.

    You can use it not just for mounting your phone on a flat surface, but for making your phone hang from various angles as well.

    Key features:

    • Compact design and high-stability certainly make it ideal for beautiful vlog shots.
    • Compatible with most modern smartphones.
    • The long-lasting design along with portability makes it a win-win situation.

    9. KTUPA Flexible Phone Tripod


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    Ktupa brings you a tripod that is strong enough to hold something anything. It can carry anything as nimble as an action cam or mic to something as heavy as a DSLR camera. Plus, allows you adjustments at numerous angles and as a matter of fact, constructed from top quality rubber and aluminum.

    Therefore, it won’t rust or corrode and accompany you for a long time. It is indeed a travel-friendly model that will easily meet all your needs.

    Key features:

    • High contact with any surface and rubber material gives you an amazing grip.
    • Is easily rinsed or washed underwater.
    • Comes with a wireless remote that rather lets you take photos without relying on the timer.

    8. Fotopro Flexible Tripod

    Fotopro Flexible Tripods

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    Flex it, twist it, wound it or do anything else to get your camera or phone mounted practically anywhere. As long as it fits the girth, it is wrapped around any surface, irrespective of the texture.

    It looks stunning in the all-white color and moreover used in your room as a tablet or digital album holder. Finally, it certainly works as the perfect gift for your loved ones

    Key features:

    • Comes with a remote control that uses Bluetooth.
    • Weighs just around half a pound.
    • Ball head is indeed rotated and fixed at various angles.

    7. UBeesize Phone Tripod Stand


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    With the UBeesize tripod, you get the required flexibility without any compromise in strength. The legs are straight and rigid when you require a classic mounting position. Next, it is rather capable of being wrapped around tree branches or metal poles too. So now you are limited by only your imagination when you want to film yourself or something else.

    Furthermore, you can also control the shutter of your phone or camera with the Bluetooth remote that comes with this.

    Key features:

    • Remote is certainly operated from as far as 30-feet.
    • Tripod head is rotated to a full 360-degrees.

    6. Kimfoxes Phone Tripod

    Kimfoxes Flexible Tripods

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    For taking still shots at the perfect timing you get a remote that has a range up to 10 meters. It is powered by Bluetooth and is certainly easily paired. It, however, uses metal joints of exceptionally high-quality that gives it strength and makes it durable.

    The head is also inclined to 90-degrees. As a result, you can shoot in both portrait and landscape modes with your wide-angle camera

    Key features:

    • Smartphones that have a width of 3.54-inches or less are compatible.
    • It is rather compact enough to fit in your pocket.

    5. iOgrapher Flexible Mini Tripod


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    Instead of having to carry a heavy metal tripod, now you can upgrade to this compact and light mini tripod. In fact, it is highly flexible. It can fit inside your pocket or in a small backpack and indeed carried anywhere.

    You don’t just get flexibility, but also high resistance from elements of weather. Moreover, with a 3 year warranty period, you can buy this product without any worries.

    Key features:

    • For mounting GoPros you get a special adapter.
    • Legs have rounded anti-skid feet.
    • Is certainly perfect for use as a selfie stick.

    4. HOMITY Flexible Tripod

    HOMITY Flexible Tripods

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    Homity has crafted its tripod from aluminum and waterproof rubber. It rather brings you the perfect balance of lightweight and strength. Other use sponge and plastic which aren’t durable and can gain weight by soaking up water during rain.

    You can also disassemble the product pretty quickly. Finally, with the wireless remote you can click group photos with ease.

    Key features:

    • Tripod can hold a maximum weight of 1.2 kg which is more than enough for even heavy cameras.
    • The ball head is made from corrosion-resistant aluminum and can fully rotate in the horizontal direction.
    • Dedicates customer service to indeed answer your queries.

    3. Bontend Flexible Tripod


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    From heavy DSLRs to light and sleek smartphones, this flexible tripod from Bontend can handle it all. It has flexible legs in an alternating green and black pattern that looks beautiful. In fact, one can certainly set up in multiple places to give you equally beautiful shots.

    Furthermore, Bontend has made it with such rugged materials and high-quality construction techniques. Thus, they are offering you a one year warranty on this marvelous product

    Key features:

    • Comes with a complimentary adaptor that is specially designed for mounting your GoPro.
    • Bubble level rather lets you align your camera or phone at the required angle.
    • Height is adjustable from 5-inches to 12-inches.

    2. Kamisafe Flexible Cell Phone Tripod

    KAMISAFE Flexible Tripods

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    Made from bead plastic and rubber, this continuous bead ball structure tripod can hold its own against a lot of loads. As a matter of fact, it is flexible enough for a firm grip on most surfaces.

    It indeed features a small plate with a quarter-inch 20 screw. Above all, it lets you mount almost various cameras and smartphones from different manufacturers.

    Key features:

    • Weighing less than half a pound, it is easy to carry around.
    • Can certainly hold anything as long as it weighs under a kilogram.
    • Bluetooth remote is paired with Android and iOS.

    1. Goofoto Flexible Tripod


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    Goofoto Tripod includes a phone clip that is adjusted to fit in phones with a width of 2.20-inch to 3.81-inches. The phone clip also has rubber pads. It rather prevents your phone from skidding away, however, shields the phone’s shell from scratches.

    Since it is made from high-quality rubber and aluminum, you don’t have to worry about its safety. Lastly, it will stay safe even during wet rainy days and dry dusty days.

    Key features:

    • Wireless remote has an LED indicator light.
    • All black design with red accents look amazing,
    • Legs are indeed twisted around branches, handlebars and more.

    Go for multiple trips and click pictures to store it as a memory. The flexible tripods will let you click photos at any surface.

    One thought on “Top 10 Best Flexible Tripods in 2022 Review

    1. Admin – Old version of this article

      A tripod is a wonderful tool that helps in positioning the camera to an accurate position. If you own flexible a tripod, then it will be convenient for you to take breathtaking pictures and record amazing videos. In simple language, they can be defined as the lightweight versions of basic heavy studio tripods. There is a huge variety of high-quality flexible tripods available in the market, but choosing the right one may be a tricky task. That’s why we have created this list of top 10 flexible tripods in 2019 so that you can select the perfect one as per your requirement.

      List of Top Best Flexible Tripods Reviews

      10. 3Pod Orbit Aluminum Tripod

      Equipped with three different angle positions and the retractable foot spikes, this flexible tripod is suitable for using indoors as well as indoors. Some of its best features are quick adjustment flip locks, a bubble level on the main plate, and padded grip on one leg for working in the cold weather. It has an Orbit Overhead Shot System due to which vertically adjustable center column can be directed to any angle. The 3Pod Orbit Aluminum Tripod has a beautiful design that is enough for catching attention at a local beach.


       Capable to work in all types of weather conditions
       Easy to position
       Incredible setup making it possible to click images even with a single hand
       Precise adjustments


       Poor customer service
       Lack of fit fluid head in the carrying case

      9. SuperLegs Flexible Tripod

      If you are looking to take your photography to another level, then you need to buy this SuperLegs Flexible tripod. As its name suggests, it came with the flexible legs that will give you a freedom to mount the camera to the place of your choice. The company has added a ½ inch screw adapter and a ¼ inch screw for ensuring maximum compatibility. It has rubberized rings and feet that make it possible for doing awesome photography in the difficult terrains.


       Small and portable making it easier to carry
       High amount of flexibility due to dozen knee joints
       Perfect for professional photography


       Create some issues while using the DSLR cams

      8. Joby GorillaPod Flexible Tripod

      Joby GorillaPod is an exciting tool equipped with the legs that can wrap around. It will allow you to click photos near the things, such as ladders, branches, banisters, etc. It is a durable and lightweight tripod that can give you ultra-stable photos with its more than dozens of leg joints. There is a quick release plate in this tripod that stays connected to the camera for making sure you can interchange the set easily. If you are one of those people looking for strange angles, then buy this versatile product now.


       Capable to click safely with a great variety of objects
       Perfect for phones as well as small cameras
       Flexible and durable tool


       Create some issues with the mount fitting
       Shorter in size and users have to attach it to an object.

      7. Albott Travel Tripod

      Albott Travel Tripod is a convenient and affordable solution that can reach a height of 70 inches and capable to carry up to 8.8 lbs. One of the most incredible things about this best flexible tripod is a hook on the bottom that will give better stabilization while hanging underneath your camera. This is the best option for the people who want to buy a tiny device having a built-in monopod.


       Comes with carrying handle and flip locks for height adjustment in the legs.
       Affordable price


       Users have complained about its swivel head and durability.
       Some cheap material is used for manufacturing monopod.

      6. Benro Handheld Tripod

      Benro handheld tripod is an exciting option for every selfie lover who is looking to click awesome pictures this year. The main features of this product are a Bluetooth shutter and a selfie-stick. This gadget is capable to give an excellent experience and make sure you click images like a professional. It is not only a portable tripod but also simple to use that makes it a perfect tool for use.


       Very lightweight that makes it easier to carry.
       Fits smartphones and camera correctly.
       Bluetooth remote control


       Weak Bluetooth connectivity

      5. Bontend Flexible Tripod

      This flexible tripod is a perfect device for the people who are looking to shoot incredible videos on a sturdy structure. It will let you know that you are shooting the right thing. There is a quick release plate that comes with the bubble level. Moreover, it can be utilized as a monopod and portable for traveling.


       Comes with a modified phone mount for using a smartphone
       Improved flexibility
       Ultra-stability and security due to rubberized tripped legs


       Legs are made from some cheap material

      4. Avawo Universal 12-inch Mini Flexible Tripod

      It is a 12-inch flexible tripod that can be an ideal choice for upgrading your photography experience. This Avawo Universal Flexible tripod has legs that can turn 360 degrees flexible and a quick release plate for easier access to the camera. Furthermore, it is equipped with a bubble level indicator for getting incredible horizon. The legs of this equipment can be folded easily anywhere according to your convenience.


       Release tab for quicker dismount
       Universal compatible
       Easy to use and extremely handy


       Cheap plastic used for making ball head.
       Mounting system is constructed poorly

      3. Joby Gorillapod Focus/ Ballhead X Bundle

      Without any doubt, it can be considered as one of the best flexible tripods ever made. The Joby Gorillapod comes with a unique leg design and has more than two dozen leg joints that allow the legs to stay super flexible and rotate 360 degrees for making sure it can work in any direction. Moreover, the secure places mounted on the top make sure you can access camera easily.


       Super-flexible and versatile
       Complete support for a wide-angle lens
       Unique design


       Some users complained about legs get broken after some use

      2. Manfrotto Rugged Mini Tripod Kit

      There are two pieces of mini tripods in this brilliant kit that can be used with the GoPro cameras and all other branded cameras. They aren’t only durable for the people who want a tripod for a long use, but it is easier to carry due to its super lightweight. The company has added a push button in this device to make sure locking become secured. Also, it is easier to fit on the cameras.


       Perfect for long-term use
       Premium material used to manufacture it
       Universal mount stably positions device


       Not suitable for beginners

      1. Manfrotto Fluid Video Tripod

      If you are completely passionate about the professional videography, then don’t settle for less and buy the Manfrotto Fluid Video Tripod. This device is popular for its strength, long-lasting build quality, and durability. However, it is only for the people who want to shoot real videos. It is once in a lifetime device that is perfect for the ones who need smooth titles and pans.


       Very compact tripod
       Capable to adjust camera without any type of shaking
       Fully stable


       Too heavy to lift
       Take time to set-up

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