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Best GoPro Bike Mounts in 2022 Reviews

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    The experience we have while riding a cycle or motorbike is something that can’t be expressed by mere words. But what if some of that can be captured by a camera and later enjoyed. GoPro bike mounts help you to capture such experiences without any trouble. All you need is to fit the camera on to the bike with the help of a bike mount. The mount will hold the camera firmly as well as on the bike. You can capture incredible shots and videos while riding and won’t have to care about the camera mounted on your bike until the end of the line.

    List of Top Best GoPro Bike Mounts Review

    15. Forevercam Mountain Bike Camera Handlebar

    15. Mountain Bike Camera Handlebar,for All gopro Models,Action Cameras Mountain Bike Mount, Aluminium 360 Degree Rotation Upgraded Version by Forevercam

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    Forevercam is attractive and popular for many years. It has good quality so that people purchase it a lot. Forevercam is your best friend.
    Forevercam is made of quality materials. It is made with CNC aluminum alloy material bike mount, waterproof dustproof and anti-corrosion, hard and firm. This one will be great during the winter months when plastic mounts snap off after the temps drop below zero.

    Within this fact, you will feel at ease in using it. The handlebar is a standard rotatable GoPro adapter, allowing 360-degree rotation for your shooting from different angles. It is easy to install. Just follow instruction is enough. This handlebar is attached to the left or right side of your bike handle.

    14. Best Tek Garmin Edge Extended Out-Front Mount

    14. Best Tek Garmin Edge Extended Out-Front Mount, Gopro Bike Handlebar Mount For NiteRider Adapter, Gopro Sports Action Camera

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    This GoPro handlebar is very popular in this current time. It is very simple to use; it is a quality product which is made for lifetime use.
    Best Tek Garmin Edge handlebar is made by High-strength aluminium alloy material, CNC machined, lightweight and durable so that it will not break for riding. This handlebar can secure your Garmin edge bike computer in front of your bike handlebars to optimize viewing.

    Moreover, it enables you to easily view performance data on your Garmin edge bike computer. And it is also a GoPro bike mount that can install the GoPro. For one thing that this product is different from other GoPro handlebar is the place it can be put. Since another handlebar is set at right or left side of your bike handle, this handlebar is set at the front of your bike which is connected firmly so that you will not worry about dropping even when you are on the rough road or destination.

    We believe our product is easy to use. You will enjoy it so much. How can you install this one quickly? – It is quite easy. First, you just remove the 2 screws of the bike handle. Then, install the screws (you can look at the picture for clarity). Third, you need to lock the screws. Last, if you want without GoPro adapter, you can take it out.

    13. Gurmoir Aluminium Bike Bicycle Handlebar Mount

    13. Gurmoir Aluminum Bike Bicycle Handlebar Mount for Gopro Hero

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    Gurmoir aluminium bike bicycle handlebar might be the best choice for your holiday. Gurmoir is one of best-selling products in 2022. People purchase this kind of product a lot since they believe that it has good quality.

    Gurmoir is a wonderful accessory for shooting. You do not need to have a person for shooting of your every action. Having this Gurmoir is enough. This handlebar is made of high rigidity aluminium alloy. Thus it is more durable than plastic one. In using this one, you will not worry about your action that the camera will drop or fall down during high-speed movement. On the inside of the clamp, there is anti-skid pad. Also, it has slip resistant function. Protecting your poles from scratching with built-in anti-skip pad is a valuable supply to this product.

    Indeed, this handlebar Mount allows 360-degree rotation. It has great function to get rid of the fixed direction capture pictures. Believe us, the handlebar is easy to rotate and it will meet your all-around shooting requirement. Start your day as well as cycling with Gurmoir.
    You might have a good size of 2cm – 3.4cm. Easy to install, easy to use, easy to carry, and easy to make a good day.

    12. SUREWO Bike Handlebar Mount Rotation

    12. SUREWO Bike Handlebar Mount,360 Degrees Rotation Aluminum Bicycle Seatpost Mount Compatible with GoPro Hero 7

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    SUREWO bike handlebar mount is a quality product in 2022. It is famous of its design and easy-to-use set. Your day will be more wonderful if you have this product.

    This handlebar is made by completely high rigidity aluminium alloy casting with precision CNC machining. The strong frame of this handlebar is durable without deformation. The surface is sandblasted and treated by anticathode oxidation which greatly improves the anti-corrosion. Thus, we believe that this illustration will satisfy your desire for a better life. Do you know? – In using this product, you feel convenient. The upper part of the device adopts 360 degree rotating design. It is easy to rotate and ensure that you can shoot at any angles. Therefore, as we show above, your day will be greater when you have a small thing that helps you to catch millions of pictures and at every angle.

    Apart from this, there is an anti-skid pad on the inside of the clamp. It means that it not only has a slip-resistant function, but also prevent scratching your poles of all time. Also, we know that this small one is very applicable for your bike. The size is 2cm – 3.4cm It can be installed on a bicycle handlebar, handheld monopod or other poles which in this clamping range.

    11. NCElec Motocycle Bike Handlebar with GoPro

    11. NCElec Motorcycle Bike Handlebar Mount Compatible with GoPro Hero

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    NCElec Motocycle Bike Handlebar with GoPro is very applicable for modern people. It is a handlebar for holding the GoPro when you are travelling. This stuff is used mostly to the handlebar of a bike.

    NCElec motocycle bike handlebar with GoPro is made of high quality aluminum alloy, waterproof dustproof and anti-corrosion. It is also hard and firm, which ensure for lifelong use. This product is very durable and resistant so that you will enjoy it very much. For more information, this handlebar uses soft silicone and metal material in order to make sure your action camera would not drop down when biking across country yard or somewhere else. Moreover, it is a good use accessory since it allows 360-degree rotation for your shooting from different angles so that you would catch every action and picture of the site. Indeed, this one is small enough, allowing you easy to install.

    It would be easy to lock on bike, motorcycle, or bicycle handlebar and any round pipe Dia. from 0.79-1.18 inches. This size dimension is the suitable set provided for all application with GoPro. Even though the description is said to supply to the bike or motorcycle, it can also be put on something else if that thing is suitable for setting this accessory.

    10. Koroao Sports Bike mount


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    The bike mount of Koroao is stiff, solid and has a nice grip which holds firmly. It is not a cheaply built one and is made of good quality material. The mount is can be fitted on your bike in such a way that, you can concentrate on the road as well as have a look at the camera at the same time.


    • Black in color
    • Offers a great grip for mounting
    • Compactable with almost all mountain bikes
    • Is compatible with computers with lock interface of ¼ turn twist
    • Warranty of 1 year

    9. ARKON – ARKGP134 – Removable Strap Mount


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    The ARKON’s zip-tie style mount will give a wonderful experience while riding. This mount is designed for types of roll bars and bicycles and fits HERO cams of GoPro very well. Record your ride having the cam fitted firmly on your bike and have no tension about your camera falling off.


    • Has a zip tie removable strap
    • Solid, durable and holds firmly on the surface
    • Has soft inner coating to protect from scratches
    • Can be used on almost all bikes and with GoPro cameras

    8. SANDMARC Navy Bicycle Mount


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    The bike mount of SANDMARC is high-quality one and is made by Aluminum completely. This can be used on handlebars made of any materials. The mount is solid, durable and most important of all, offers a firm grip on the material where it is fixed.


    • Aluminum Navy Mount suitable for handlebars, bike handles, ski poles, and more.
    • Compatible with the cams like GoPro HERO5, HERO6 Black, HERO4, 2, 3, 3+ & other HD Cameras
    • Can be fitted on all handlebars of 15 mm – 35 mm thickness
    • The Aluminum is CNC grade for increased durability
    • Items included: Aluminum Thumbscrew, Wrench tool, Diameter Adjustment Screws

    7. EXSHOW Bike Camera Mount


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    EXSHOW offers a well tooled, sturdy and cosmetically sound bike mount which can fit all motorcycle handles from small to a large thickness. The clamp is perfectly rubberized so that the surface attached will not be scratched or damaged. The 360 swivel enables you to put the camera wherever you want to.


    • It is perfectly compatible with all recorders or cameras or camcorders of all companies like the Sony, GoPro, Nikon, SONY, CASIO, Kodak, etc.
    • Easy to fit on any handle with diameter from 0.7 to 1.3 inches
    • The 360-degree adjustable joint helps you to select the best angle and offers stability
    • The combination of soft silicone and metal prevents skidding and adds to protection

    6. Nordic Flash – Handlebar Bike Mount for Bicycles

    Nordic Flash

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    The Nordic Flash’s mount is one that can be easily and quickly installed and has arms which are interchangeable which helps you to point the camera in the desired direction. The mount is not made of steel, but the hard plastic is of good quality, offers stability and durability. There will be no need to worry about the handle coming loose or cracking.


    • Adjustable Pivot Arm – 3 way, helps you to capture wonderful videos
    • The mount is compatible with GoPro Cameras like SJ4000, HD HERO, HERO2, HERO3, HERO3+, HERO4, etc.
    • Fits Seat posts/ Handlebars with a diameter range of 0.59″ to 1.38″

    5. AxPower Bike Handlebar Mount


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    The handlebar mount of AxPower is perfect for any motorcycle o bicycle enthusiast who wants to capture their riding experience. Whether it is motorcycle riding or bicycle riding, the mount will hold firmly the device as well as fit on to your ride with great grip. Your video capturing angle can be adjusted with the help of an adjustable pivot arm.


    • Suitable for Action cameras of all brands
    • Is stable and durable
    • Has a wider range of diameter – 0.7″ to 1.5″ suitable for different kinds of bicycle handles
    • High quality and heavy-duty stainless steel and plastic
    • Thick silicon pad inside, prevents shaking and moving

    4. Casewarehouse – Handlebar Bike Mount


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    This Handlebar Mount can be fitted on GoPro Cameras like the SJ5000, Xiaomi Yi, hero + LCD, SJ4000, hero one, hero+, hero3, hero2, hero4, hero3+, hero4 session, hero 5, hero 6, etc. it can be easily attached to any round as well as semi-round tubes provided they are of the diameter range 19 – 35mm.


    • Handlebars range from 19 – 35mm diameter
    • Lightweight: 88grams
    • Can be attached to seat posts, or any other handles while skiing, cycling, and other adrenaline sports.
    • The 3-way pivot arm helps you to capture awesome videos from different angles
    • Package items – 1 Handlebar mount, 1 Pivot Arm (3 way)

    3. Lammcou – Bike Mount


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    The tripod of Lammcou is a perfect one to buy when you are traveling and want to capture variety shots. It is very versatile and can be used with mobile phones, big cameras, and GoPro. The tripod is very sturdy, and it has strong thick legs that can bend as well as wrap around objects – anything to capture a perfect shot.


    • Made of good quality CNC grade aluminum alloy
    • Rustproof, waterproof and corrosion resistant
    • The standard adapter of GoPro offers a 360-degree angle of rotation
    • Can be installed easily on a semi-round or round bar of diameter 12 – 30mm

    2. Arkon GoPro Motorcycle Mount, Black


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    The GP132 mount of Arkon is of high built quality and is compatible with all models of GoPro and other cameras. It is also compatible with the panoramic cameras, 360fly and Garmin VIRB XE. The package extra screws and fittings for mounting in a lateral position. Simple and easy installation type by just screwing up parts.


    • The mount is compatible with all GoPro HERO cameras
    • Can be fitted on all handlebars with a diameter up to 33mm in diameter
    • Easy to install
    • Has a swivel ball adapter – offers 360° rotation
    • Three handlebar adapter rings – used for different widths
    • Limited warranty of 2 years

    1. GoPro Handlebar Mount

    GoPro Bike Mounts

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    The GoPro mount can be fitted on any handlebars, ski poles or seat posts to capture unique pictures while you are riding a bicycle/ motorcycle. The hinged design allows you to clamp to different surfaces. The non-slip, hinged design firmly clamps to the surface, and the base allows 360-degree rotation.


    • Clamps to the surface of 9 to 35mm diameter tube
    • 16 secure positions and a rotating base – offers perfect angle and sudden position changes
    • Durable and solid construction – reduces vibration, and prevents slipping and breaking


    A good bike mount helps you to capture wonderful shots/ videos while riding. We have selected the best camera bike mounts available in the market and have listed above. You can select the one you need depending on the features, the bike you use and the price.

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